Plants have been a valuable source of medicinal compounds for centuries and have found their way into various applications in our daily lives. Among these applications, plant-based solutions are becoming increasingly important and widely used. Plant science is highly relevant in multiple biofields, including biotechnology, biodiversity, agriculture and food security, pharmacology, and environmental science.

At True Amigo, we specialise in carrying out plant science research. We offer natural product development based services to academic and industrial researchers, as well as to the small-scale industries. Our services include extracting active compounds from plants and analysing their therapeutic potential through various in vitro experiments, estimating and quantifying active compounds in plants, separating and purifying plant extracts, and developing applications for plant-derived compounds, including formulation development, dosage optimization, and stability testing for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

We are proud to be one of the pioneering plant science companies in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and prioritise delivering customer-friendly research and development services in the field of plant science.