Food science is an essential part of the biofield, encompassing many aspects such as nutrition, health, biotechnology, sustainability, and environmental science. Research in food science not only advances our understanding of food production, safety, and nutrition but also contributes to broader goals of improving human health, promoting environmental sustainability, and addressing global food security challenges.

At True Amigo, we specialise in carrying out food science research. The role of food science in a wide variety of biofields. We offer innovative food product development services to academic and industrial researchers, as well as small-scale industries. Our services include probiotic food development, new product development, edible food packaging, biofortified foods, value-added product development, nano-formulated foods, and nutraceutical products. We take pride in being one of the pioneering food science companies in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and we prioritise delivering customer-friendly research and development services in the field of food science.