Biotechnology is a diverse and dynamic field of research to develop products and processes that benefit society. We understand the importance and role of biotechnology in the biofield including medicine, agriculture, biopharmaceuticals, environment and so on.

At True Amigo, we specialise in conducting biotechnology research, with a particular emphasis on life sciences. We offer services for the development of bio-products to academic and industrial researchers, as well as small-scale industries. Our services include bioprocessing and fermentation for the production of various active metabolites, probiotic science, and material science for packaging. We also offer Anticancer studies from microbial polysaccharides, biofuel production, biopolymer science, and bioscaffold synthesis.

We are proud to be one of the pioneering Biotechnology companies in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and prioritise delivering customer-friendly research and development services in the field of Biotechnology.