We at true amigo, specialised in carrying out nanotechnology research especially in the nanobio discipline. We carry expertise in nanoparticle development, nanofibre development using electrospinning and in development of other bio based nanoagents. We understand the importance and role of nanotechnology in a wide variety of biofield including pharma, bioprocessing, food, environment and so on. We support nano product development services for academic researchers, industrial researchers and also for small scale industries.

Nanosomes for transdermal drug delivery, nanovesicles of effective carrying of bio drugs, nanoparticle development of medical applications, nanofibre development for medical applications, nano coating methods for biomedical applications, super hydrophobic nanoparticle development, nanogel development are some of the areas were we actively served our clients.

We, true amigo labs, are one of the pioneering nanotechnology companies in Chennai, Tamil nadu, Chennai, who provide customer friendly research and development services in the field of nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology.